About Candido Rodriguez

As a child I loved to draw. And I never lost that love as I grew older, (and older).

I studied drawing, painting, and picture making with Frank J. Reilly, a legendary instructor at New York’s Art Student League. I served as one of Mr. Reilly’s class monitor for two years. I am greatly indebted to Mr. Reilly, for he taught me virtually everything I know about the craft of traditional drawing and painting.

Unfortunately, vision problem prevented me from pursuing a career in the Arts. However after a 30-year lapse, advances in eye surgery improved my vision. And in 2005, I again picked up my pencils and brushes.

As a representational artist, traditional craftsmanship is an important element in my work. But good craft is not enough. I strive to create works that are interesting and attractive.

All my works are available as very reasonably priced, high quality Giclee prints.

Contact me at cjuanrod@verizon.net with any comments or questions. Thank you for visiting. Candido